A Perfect Groom Look

Here are the following helpful tips from Bergdorf Goodman's Nickelson Wooster for a perfect groomsmen suits.

For a Short, Broad Body
A single-breasted peak lapel tux will "de-emphasize a thick middle," says Wooster.

For a Short, Slim Body
A single-breasted peak lapel tux helps to "draw the eye upward, giving the illusion of height," Wooster says. He adds that a thin, short guy can wear a shawl-collar tux as long as the shawl collar is not too wide, which can draw attention to a lack of height.

For a Tall, Muscular Guy
A single-breasted notch lapel tux works perfectly on a broad, brawny type. "It's a can't-go-wrong pick for just about any shape," says Wooster.

For a Tall, Thin Guy
Lanky guys are the luckiest: "You can wear basically anything," says Wooster.

For a Guy Looking to Slim His Silhouette
Wooster's ultimate streamliner: a single-breasted peak lapel tux by Tom Ford. "The way he cuts it is so elegant; most guys fall in love with the jacket shape," he says.

Must-Have Tailoring Advice for Every Groom
"Pants should come just to the top of the shoe," says Wooster. "The jacket sleeves must allow for one-quarter to one-half of an inch of the white French cuff shirt to show."

Investment Tips for the Guy Who's Buying, Not Renting
Wooster advises purchasing "a classic black tuxedo in a super 120's or better fabric, which is seasonless. The lapel should be satin or grosgrain." And he cautions against trendiness: "Do not try for a 'fashion' tuxedo," he says. "Go with the most classic style.