Hiring a Bridal Make-up Artist

Besides wedding coordinators, make-up artists are the next most sought-after professionals. Because the way you look on your wedding day will be immortalized in pictures forever, it’s important that you get a make-up artists who will make you shine. Here are some suggestions you might want to consider when looking for a bridal make-up artist.

Ask to see a portfolio.

Any make-up artist who has been working for months or years should have a portfolio for prospective clients to peruse. Even make-up artists who are just starting out might have pictures of friends or family members, but not necessarily brides. While looking at the portfolio, pay close attention to details. Do the brides seem to wear the same look? Does the make-up artist handle different skin tones well? Do they look complete and polished?

If the make-up artist is still compiling a portfolio, she will probably charge you less if you agree to give her copies of your wedding photos so she could start one.

Show pictures

You know what kind of look you want for your wedding, and you probably also know what look you do not want. When you meet up with the make-up artist for the first time, bring pictures to give her a clear idea of what you’d like. You can either download pictures from the Internet, cut out photos from magazines, or bring a photo of yourself wearing makeup that flatters your features. Photos will make your consultation more efficient because they can communicate ideas in ways words cannot. It also eliminates guesswork and any room for error.

Ask for a make-up trial

If you’re doing a trial run for your hair, try to schedule the one for your make-up on the same day so you can see the overall look. This will give you peace of mind because you”re assured that the kind of hair and make-up you want for your wedding day will go just as you want it. Trial make-up appointments might cost a fee, depending on your make-up artist. Ask for her terms of agreement before you hand over any money.

Be firm about what you want

Although your make-up artist is a professional who will guide you into making the right choices, remember that you’re hiring her to do what YOU want. If you’re not satisfied with the results, let her know – it’s not that hard to wash off make-up and start over. Your make-up artist wants you to be happy and will not be offended if you don’t like what she did. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let her know what you like and what you want changed.

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