Tips for a Perfect Wedding Picture

Here are the following top tips to make sure your wedding day pictures are perfect. Check out for more wedding planning ideas! 

Find Your Style
Flip through some friends and family members' albums to get a sense of what you like and what you don't, and ask around for recommendations.

Go Online
Once you've narrowed down your search to a few possible photographers, check out their service record. Asking for references can help, but odds are they're just going to send you to their happiest clients. Instead, check out local bridal message boards and sites to read what other couples have to say about their experience with this pro.

Check Out Their Work
Be sure to flip through a few of their wedding albums from front to back. If you're going with a big company, be sure that your contract specifies that you'll get the photographer of your choice (their name should be on the contract!) on the day.

Choose Someone Familiar With Your Venue
A photographer who has already shot at your locale will make life a lot easier. She/he already knows the best areas to shoot, and if there will be any issues with lighting and such.

Personality Counts
Think about it: this person will be with you throughout most of your big day, and unlike other wedding vendors, you'll be dealing with him/her for months (or even a year) after the event. And a pro you're comfortable with will make posing for photos less daunting—not only for you, but for your bridal party and guests, too.

Support Staff
Having an assistant who shoots at a high skill level is very important.If you're having a large wedding (300+ guests), you'll want more than one assistant present—and request to see their work as well!

Don't be shy about telling your photographer exactly what you want. Notify your photographer if there's anything out of the ordinary important to capture (your dog is a ring bearer; the cake topper is a family heirloom; the groom is a chef so the food shots are important; etc). A seasoned pro will already know to get things like the first kiss, the cake cut, bouquet toss, toasts, etc.

Backup Plan
You want to take shots in the venue's lush gardens, but Mother Nature might have other plans. Prevent a panic attack by securing an indoor location that is just as beautiful in advance (think a local museum or historical building).

When it comes to gorgeous photos, nothing beats natural light. If you can't take outdoor photos, choose a venue or shoot location with plenty of windows. If you're getting married at night, don't fret—simply make sure your photographer has the right equipment to light you and your bridal party beautifully (ask about this in advance).

Work the Pose
When posing, use this rule of thumb from Luedeke: while holding your bouquet, your thumb should be at your bellybutton. Your weight should be on your back foot, which shifts your hips back away from the camera making them appear smaller in photos. And stick your neck out slightly more than normal—you'll be glad you did!