Tips in Preparing For Your Big Day

Here are some of the important wedding planning tips 1 month before your wedding day.

Get your marriage license.
It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few days, but get your documents in order (especially if you are changing your name). Web sites like and make it easy for you to change all of your licenses, credit cards and contracts with the click of a button.

Solidify your guest list.
Get a final head count from your RSVP list.

Assign table seating.
Draw a layout and use post-it’s so you can arrange where everyone is sitting and make adjustments without hassle.

Send out rehearsal dinner invitations.

Do your last dress fitting with shoes!

Confirm all appointments.
Call and confirm with your makeup artist, hair stylist and all of your vendors to make sure everything is in order and ready to go.

Make an itinerary of your “day-of” activities.
Times, order, locations and any extra details from start to finish. Make copies and give this list to the vendors and any V.I.P’s so there is enough time to make any adjustments and receive feedback (and ensure everything runs smoothly!)

Bachelorette party!
Enjoy a ladies night out with your closest friends.